CSR Mission statement & policies

The Dean Court Hotel wholly accepts and embraces CSR as part of its responsibility in helping to protect the environment and encourage those with whom it trades to do the same. It also strives to play an active part in and support the community in which it operates and champion worthy causes wherever possible, directly or indirectly.

All staff are aware of the Policy and are supportive of it. Participation and proactive efforts and ideas are welcomed and acknowledged.

The Hotel’s GREEN COMMITTEE meets quarterly and ensures all re-cycling and energy-saving opportunities are adopted by all departments.

The Hotel received a SILVER AWARD from GREEN TOURISM in 2012

The hotel is committed to regularly reviewing and assessing its CSR policies

The Hotel is a member of CONSIDERATE HOTELIERS

  • CSR Policy Aims & Objections

    All staff to be introduced to our CSR policy with training and awareness.

    Encouraging and motivating our staff and guests to enjoy and fully embrace the hotels CSR policy and as importantly to assist the hotel in its responsibilities and accountability to the community in which it operates.

    Source our goods and materials from environmentally sound suppliers by requesting their policy and maintaining their progress.

  • Waste Materials

    Monitor and work to lower levels of wastage in conjunction with recycling whenever possible.

    We inform our guests that all their “rubbish” will be recycled wherever possible. Feedback assures us that this practice is appreciated

  • Recycling

    Continue to maximize recycling facilities and practices, and seek out further opportunities, even at a cost where appropriate and feasible.Currently we recycle Ink Cartridges, Paper, Plastic, Cardboard, Glass, Cooking Oil, Aluminium and Tin

    Our Recycling Companies:

    • Forge for glass
    • Biffa for waste
    • Yorwaste for paper and card
  • Other Policies

    We will monitor the recycling policies and waste control of those with whom we trade, to ensure they too have established policies in keeping with our aims and objectives.

    Soap: using liquid for better quality, no wastage, 70% of bars of soaps are wasted in hotels.

    Towels: as is common practice we encourage our guests to be economic with towel-changing frequencies, enabling them to reduce our carbon footprint

    Bed Linen: We offer guests the opportunity to inform us when they wish bed linen to be changed (not more frequently than standard hotel practice (3rd day).

    We donate old pillows, duvets, towels, dressing gowns to Just Giving and Changing Lives, making meaningful improvements to vulnerable people.  

  • Energy Efficient

    The hotel has new and efficient heating (installed 2008) and is registered with the Carbon Trust to ensure that consumption is measured and monitored so we are as environmentally practical/friendly as possible. Methodology is to reduce running costs/energy, increase efficiency and reduce heat loss.

    Monitor and strive to reduce consumption of water and wastage levels.
    The hotel has invested significantly(2006) by introducing a hot water system eradicating storage of and saving significant energy consumption by not having to maintain 330 litres of stored hot water.

    LED and Low energy bulbs are used throughout the Hotel

    Lighting and other systems are switched off at all times possible- with due regard to guest comfort and safety

    A further full review of lighting was conducted January 2014 and a complete refit of the latest energy-saving light fittings and bulbs will be phased in over the next 6 months, significantly reducing costs and CO2 emissions. Electricity consumption will drop from 442 kWh per day to 54.71 kWh. Carbon emissions will reduce by 44.87 tonnes pwr year

  • Cleaning Products

    We use SPECTRUM CLEANING SOLUTIONS providers of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Full regular training, on correct usage and safe disposal, is given to all staff

  • Local Produce

    We are champions of local producers and products and Fair Trade products. All foods are locally sourced as a priority.

    Dean Court is an active member of DeliciouslyYorkshire, the Regional Food Group: www.deliciouslyorkshire.co.uk


    • Divine for our Coffee Beans and Filter coffee
    • Rington’s for Teas and Coffees
      (both suppliers are Freetrade suppliers
    • All fresh foods are sourced from Yorkshire whenever possible
  • General Equipment

    When replacing existing energy-using equipment the hotel will strive to improve the energy/efficiency ratios.

  • Access For All

    The Dean Court is a highly rated 4 star forty roomed hotel in the heart of the City of York and opposite York Minster.

    The original building dates from C.1850 and is Grade II listed. The adjoining part abutting St Wilfrid’s Church is Georgian.

    Refurbishment has resulted in significant improvements especially in ACCESS for ALL despite the challenges that are inherent in a building of such age and character.

    Facilities include:

    • A room specifically designed for guests with limited mobility/ walking limitations/ and wheelchair users along with those with hearing and visual impairments.
    • Improved access for wheelchair users – including a new wheelchair lift fitted in 2018 at the Duncombe Place middle lounge entrance.
    • Disabled Toilet Facilities
    • Level Access to all public rooms
    • Trained and considerate staff.
    • Extensive dietary foods for those with allergies and intolerances
  • The Community

    The Dean Court continues to contribute to our nominated charity

    • Martin House Children's Hospice

    All staff are encouraged and supported when opportunities arise to support organisations offering help and advice in the Community of York.

  • The Future

    We are consulting with local experts to investigate systems to provide air-cooling facilities for guest bedrooms by redistributing generated/wasted heat.

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