In light of the current COVID19 pandemic, we wanted to tell you about some of the things we are working on behind the scenes, to help keep you safe and provide peace of mind when staying with us.  
We are constantly updating our policies and procedures using the latest information from the World Health Organisation, CDC and the NHS, and wanted to assure you that when staying at our hotel you are no more at risk than in many other public places. 

Putting your well-being first 
We are constantly working to keep our hotel in good condition, with additional duties and protocol introduced. We have intensified our cleaning and sanitisation in our hotel and have added hand sanitisers to public areas such as the reception desk and restaurant area, we have adjusted our public cleaning regime to include deeper cleaning of key contact points and we are correctly disposing of waste, and ensuring soap and paper towel supplies are regularly checked and replenished.  Our teams have all been provided with hand sanitisers and wipes and our housekeeping team have been fully briefed to wipe down all touch point surfaces in the rooms before our guests arrive. For example, toilet handles, shower controls, doorknobs, TV remote control etc to help ensure each visit has your well-being in mind.

How can you help? 
We encourage following the general hygiene advice such as thoroughly washing your hands which will also help prevent the transmission of the virus within our hotel or when out and about and we recommend that anyone with any concerns follow the guidelines set out by public health England.