York Gin Company

The Dean Court Hotel has teamed up with York Gin Company to bring you a hand-made gin - the very first made in our historic city of York. Traditional methods are used to make a classic dry gin in a beautiful copper still named Ebor, after the Roman name for York, Eboracum

After months of experimenting, honing, tasting, discussing and more tasting (lucky people!) - they have perfected a classic recipe. Traditionally gin makers retain some secrecy about the exact ingredients. But we can tell you that the dry gin includes black pepper, cardamom and grains of paradise, as well as a combination of classic botanicals including angelica and orris root.

The York Gin Company is a new craft gin business making quality spirits in Yorkshire. Their team of four local people share a love of gin and the ancient city. They've spent the past year setting up the distillery and perfecting the recipe.

York Gin is now available in DCH Bar - cheers!

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