The Hotel was originally built in 1865 as three separate dwellings, to house the Clergy of the Minster, and is situated on the corner of Petergate, which was the main Roman road that ran through the city of York.

The Builders were actually J.B. & W. Atkinson who were prolific York Architects. They also built The Retreat Hospital, Foss Bridge, Ouse Bridge and the Chapel of St Peters School.

The hotel has a rare sign on the side elevation – a set of crossed keys. These represent the keys to heaven given to St. Peter and endorse the original building’s association to York Minster. Just after the end of World War 1 the Thwaites family bought the middle section and opened it up to take paying guests.

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Over the years ownership changed and the hotel expanded to take in all of the original building. Unfortunately there is no data on when it was first named Dean Court.

In 1969 the Washington Family bought the premises and, in 1978, acquired the adjoining property. It was on the site of a medieval cottage and had a mock-Georgian front bolted on. It too has a history as it had been a small Guest House in the 1930s, then known as Vollens. In 1986 three business partners bought the Dean Court and the cottage, which was then integrated into the main building. It was during this conversion that the mock-Georgian frontage was revealed and almost disintegrated!

In 1993 the Hotel came the under the sole ownership of one of the partners. The Dean Court is continually going through refurbishment and in 2016 a major project was started to completely re-style the interior, including upgrading of bedrooms and the creation of two new suites. Our plan will eventually transform the building into a unique boutique – style hotel. It is certainly winning great approval from its guests – especially those who knew it of old!

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