Collect the Ducklings!

Introducing the Dean Court Ducklings

Here at the Dean Court we like to make your stay a pleasant and relaxing one, so we've added a cute duckling to all the rooms to keep you company whilst you stay here and you can take them home with you too. There are six different colours  for you to collect and they all have names. They reminded us of a few people around the hotel so we decided to name them. Here we go: Yellow - Frank, Green - Louise, Pink - Emma, Red - Cristian, Blue - Simon, Dark Pink - Beata. If you collect all six you will receive a Mother Hen to look after their brood!

Looking after a duckling is  probably very new to some people so we've put together a few things you should remember when caring for your them:

  • They like frequent showers or baths, preferably with lots of bubbles 
  • They need to be loved - give them lots of hugs 
  • They get lonely - so stay at the hotel again to obtain a friend for your duckling
  • Sing to them - they love the sound of human voices for instance
    'Ducks just wanna have fun' ,  'Some Ducks Have all the Luck' or even 'Daffy B.Goode' by Duck Berry

Follow these simple rules and you'll have a friend for life!

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